San Francisco and Marin Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a specialty that seeks to improve physical function, minimize disfigurement from accidents or birth defects, or reshape bodily features to improve an individual's appearance. The word plastic, derived from Greek, means to create form. The term plastic surgery was first used in 1796.

Plastic surgical procedures can improve appearance and renew self-confidence. The term Cosmetic Surgery is frequently used interchangeably with the term Plastic Surgery when the purpose is aesthetic improvement. Consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon is the first step an individual should take when considering cosmetic or plastic surgery.

Dr. Denkler has been practicing medicine since 1989 in Marin County, California. His practice includes both plastic (aesthetic-cosmetic) and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Denkler serves patients in cosmetic surgery who seek to improve their appearance and also provides reconstructive surgery for patients with congenital, traumatic, or functional problems. For functional problems (e.g. needle release for Dupuytren's called NA or Needle Aponeurotomy), please go to:

When a patient schedules a consultation, he or she is usually scheduled for a 30 minute initial consultation. During the initial consultation, Dr. Denkler discusses the patient's needs and expectations. He then discusses the functional or aesthetic pros and cons of the surgery, explains in lay terms the technical aspects of the procedure, discusses surgical risks, recovery, take pre-operative measurements, and anatomical photographs.

The cost of the initial consultation $95 and is applied to the cost of the surgery if the patient schedules surgery. Postoperative visits for cosmetic surgery are also at no charge for the first year after surgery. If a patient schedules a major surgery in the hospital operating room or outpatient surgery center, he or she will be required by the hospital or surgery center to have a pre-operative physical.

Dr. Denkler's wife, Dr. Rosalind Hudson, performs a pre-op physical on cosmetic patients; screening them for any medical contra-indications or problems that need to be dealt with before, during, or after surgery. Dr. Hudson is board certified in internal medicine and helps Dr. Denkler manage his practice with special focus on laser treatments for skin discolorations, textural problems, and laxity.

Dr. Denkler has chosen his office staff because of their excellent patient skills. They have a natural gift at calming and putting a patient at ease.

Dr. Denkler's practice is located at 275 Magnolia Avenue in Larkspur, California (15 minutes North of the Golden Gate Bridge).

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