Practice Philosophy

As a physician, I sincerely love the art of surgery, and restoration of function. I especially enjoy surgically restoring the natural beauty of the individual's human body when time, physical conditions (pregnancy, weight gain, ultraviolet damage), or injury have caused physical and mental changes. People love to look as good as they feel. People like to have their features proportional and the balanced. People like feeling athletic, healthy, and even a bit sexy. They like to look as approachable as they feel. These surgical goals are so readily achievable with a skilled plastic surgeon, that why would an individual not maintain his or her appearance.

Society still struggles with the question of plastic surgery in the first place. Is it vanity or is it maintenance? Is it OK to get braces for one's teenager, but not restore the stretched out abdomen that pregnancy caused? I believe that we have an obligation to take care of our gifts. I feel privileged to help people surgically to maintain their bodies.